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OKEI BREWERY Nippori Tokyo

Back Story :

OKEI BREWERY is a craft beer brewery in Nippori, downtown Tokyo.
I was in charge of art direction and design, including the logo, in-store signage, and bottle design.

Their story begins in Shinbashi Tokyo. 

They originally owned an Italian & pizza restaurant in Shinbashi.
However, due to COVID, the restaurants in Shimbashi, which was a business district, were hit hard.
Many employees stopped coming to work and stopped going to bars .
They decided that it would become difficult to run a restaurant, so they decided to develop their own product.
They decided to develop their own product, an alcoholic beverage that could be made in a variety of flavors in a limited place, on a limited budget, and in a limited amount of time: beer.


Beer does not require a vineyard, as wine does, and can be brewed in a limited space in the heart of the city, allowing for a variety of flavors.
They set up their brewery in Nippori, a downtown area of Tokyo where land is relatively inexpensive.

Nippori was originally a textile town, and many fabric stores still stand side by side. It is also close to Ueno, home to art galleries, museums, and the Tokyo University of Arts and Music, and a place of traditional craftsmanship.


The iconic sunglasses were the owner's whimsical idea.
He said, "I like the Blues Brothers, so I want it to be a sunglasses design."
So I designed the beer bottles and glasses to look like they were in a good mood, with sunglasses on their faces.

OKEI BREWERY has become a new iconic presence as the first craft beer store in Nippori.



AD / D : Asuka Kobayashi

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