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PWG 08. “-OMIKIJI- the sake of destiny”
by Asuka Kobayashi featuring Meishu Center

Work :

The theme of the 8th Publicis Wall Gallery is “-OMIKIJI- the sake of destiny”.

*OMIKIJI is a word coined from OMIKUJI or a fortune slip and OMIKI, a sake offered to the gods.


The exhibition was realized by an encounter between Asuka Kobayashi, Art Director of Beacon communications, and Meishu Center, a sake bar and store located next to Kanda Myojin. 

In this event, we'll provide a new experience of "meeting destined sake without drinking" based on the thought of conveying the charm of sake even under the situation where the chance of meeting new sake is being decreased due to the coronavirus pandemic. 


At the venue, there will be an Omikuji box that will lead you to destiny. 

Participants will be given a sample of sake written in the Omikuji you drew as a takeaway so that they can know how it smells. 

Which sake will be delivered to you among more than 40 sake samples from all over Japan? For those who drew Daikichi or great luck, there is a chance to meet Daiginjo sake. 

Come to meet for the sake of your destiny!


*We will provide ten different flavors of sake samples each week.

*Please refrain from drinking the sample sake.

*Sake will not be available for sale at the exhibition, but you can purchase online using the QR code enclosed with the samples.







meishu center.jpg

Meishu Center 


A sake bar that offers more than 200 different sake as well as a store.

From the famous and popular sake to rare local sake that is not available in Tokyo,

the store next to Kanda Myojin of Edo total tutelary communicates the charm of the highly original sake

that they have encountered in the course of creating Japan's only sake magazine through its store, magazine, and events, etc. 


Asuka Kobayashi

Art Director at Beacon Communications, was born in Tokyo.

She graduated from Musashino Art University. 

She has worked on event and campaign directions, mainly in the music, alcohol and art fields.

The awards Asuka won include, Popular Vote and Silver prize at  ADFEST Young Lotus for Google KAN-PA.I., a smart speaker for drinking alone,

and the Koyama Kundo prize at TOKYO MIDTOWN AWARD for Ofukuro no Dashibukuro,

a Kappogi-shape dashi bag or soup stock pack dancing in a pot. 

Other awards include Young Cannes Lions/Young Spikes Asia.  She serializes the essay Yoidore Chusuke about downtown bars. 



It is a gallery using the general reception of PUBLICIS GROUPE JAPAN 

(including Beacon Communications, MSL JAPAN, and Saatchi & Saatchi TOKYO) on the 12th floor,
Tokyu Meguro Bldg., as an exhibition space. 

PWG is a creative space where one artist or one group of artists per month holds an exhibition 

(and has a related one-time workshop), which gives viewers various perspectives toward the works, 

with the concept of "1 MONTH, 1 ARTIST, 1 EXHIBITION, and 1 WORKSHOP". 

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