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Tokyo Midtown Award   

Prize of Kundo Koyama

”Ohukuro no dashibukuro”

Work :

I was the Art Director and Designer


Concept :

The theme for the 2012 competition was “Pease of mind”.
Our proposal was “ofukuro no dashibukuro”. It is soup bag in the shape of a “kappougi”. Kappougi is a traditional Japanese apron. It symbolizes the good old mother in Japan. “Ofukuro no dashibukuro” literally means the soup bag made by mother. The number of single persons eating out from convenience stores continues to increase every year. Therefore, we considered the taste of home cooking as something that could bring “relief”. The soup bag in the shape of a “kappougi” seems to swim when boiled and can help the person cooking it to feel relieved.

Along with Tokyo Midtown’s concept of “JAPAN VALUE”, a total of 1,318 projects were submitted. Fourteen award-winning works were announced and displayed.



Credit : 

主催 : 東京ミッドタウン
Art Director  / Designer : 小林明日香  蓑島さとみ

Planner : 岡本大祐


小山薫堂賞 受賞 





東京ミッドタウンアワードURL :




Credit : 

Sponcer : Tokyo Midtown
Art Director  / Designer : Asuka Kobayashi  Satomi Minoshima

Planner : Daisuke Okamoto


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